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Bezos Earth Fund releases $100m for AI to help the climate and protect nature

As part of a bold initiative to harness artificial intelligence (AI) to fight climate change and preserve nature, the Bezos Earth Fund has announced the launch of a $100 million multi-year Grand Challenge. This announcement comes at a crucial time when environmental challenges demand innovative and rapid solutions to protect the planet and ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.
Climate change, with its devastating impact on ecosystems and communities around the world, is one of the most pressing challenges facing humanity. At the same time, the loss of biodiversity threatens the balance of life on earth. To meet these challenges, the Bezos Earth Fund is proposing to capitalise on the potential of AI, which has already demonstrated its effectiveness in various fields such as the monitoring of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, the detection of forest fires and the advancement of renewable energies.
The AI for Climate and Nature Grand Challenge aims to catalyse innovation by encouraging collaboration between climate, nature and AI stakeholders. By identifying and supporting effective AI-based solutions, the Bezos Earth Fund hopes to accelerate progress towards a more sustainable future. Through targeted funding, mentoring and other resources, innovators will have the opportunity to turn their ideas into reality and deploy solutions at scale.
Running for three years, the Grand Challenge will focus its first cycle on a number of key areas, including the sustainable development impact of proteins, biodiversity conservation and power grid optimisation. However, the challenge is open to all innovative ideas that contribute to the fight against climate change and the protection of nature. To ensure fairness and access, the foundation of American billionaire Jeff Bezos, head of Amazon, the global online retail giant, is inviting innovators from all over the world to take part in this ambitious challenge.
The submission process for the first round of the Grand Challenge will begin in May 2024, offering innovators an opportunity to take their ideas forward and help build a more sustainable future for all. The winners will be announced at the Bezos Earth Fund-TED event during Climate Week in New York at the end of September 2024.
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