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Urgent international appeal: massive deforestation threatens Cameroon

In a heartfelt plea to global leaders, environmental advocates and human rights defenders have raised the alarm over the rampant deforestation and forest degradation unfolding in Cameroon. The open letter, endorsed by influential figures like Samuel Nguiffo from the Centre for Environment and Development (CED) and Stella Tchoukep of Greenpeace Africa, shines a stark light on the perilous consequences of large-scale deforestation for agro-industrial purposes and illegal logging, casting a shadow over both biodiversity and the rights of local communities and indigenous peoples.

The numbers presented in the correspondence are staggering. Across the vital Campo Ma’an area, approximately 60,000 hectares of forest face imminent threats, primarily from the encroachment of industrial palm oil plantations. Meanwhile, the Ébo forest, renowned for its rich biodiversity, is besieged by illegal logging activities despite widespread national and international outcry. These assaults not only devastate the natural environment but also imperil the livelihoods and cultural heritage of the communities reliant on these forests.
This impassioned plea calls upon governments and international bodies to urgently address the crisis at hand. It underscores the importance of upholding international commitments to combat deforestation and safeguard human rights, while emphasizing the imperative for financial and trade mechanisms to steer clear of complicity in illegal activities.
Moreover, the letter draws attention to the economic ramifications of unchecked deforestation for Cameroon. It warns of potential repercussions on trade relations, particularly with the EU and other markets, and the consequent jeopardy posed to initiatives aimed at supporting smallholder farmers and enhancing the transparency and quality of agricultural practices, notably in cocoa production, a cornerstone of Cameroon’s economy.
Ultimately, the missive serves as a clarion call for concerted international action to halt the despoliation of Cameroon’s forests and the attendant human rights abuses. It implores governments and institutions worldwide to stand in solidarity and respond swiftly to preserve these invaluable ecosystems and the communities that depend on them.
Fanta Mabo

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