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GABON: international ivory trafficking network dismantled

The Gabonese authorities, in collaboration with the NGO Conservation Justice, are continuing to track down members of an international ivory trafficking network from Gabon to Cameroon. Five other suspected traffickers have been arrested in various locations. The alleged traffickers risk a prison sentence of up to 10 or even 20 years, as this is a transnational network organised as a criminal association.

Gabon : un camerounais interpelé avec 120 kg d’ivoire

Dans le cadre d’une vaste opération de lutte contre le trafic d’ivoire au Gabon, une opération d’envergure a permis d’intercepter une cargaison importante d’ivoire qui devait être acheminé depuis le Gabon vers le Cameroun par un vaste réseau organisé de trafic d’ivoire. Plusieurs personnes ont été interpellées dont au moins deux des protagonistes importants de ce trafic international.

AFRICA: Leboncoin adopts new regulations against the ivory trade

French online sales giant Leboncoin has tightened its regulations against the ivory trade. In addition to ivory items, the company is now removing from its platform any item that might turn out to be made of ivory. This measure is in support of elephant conservation efforts in Africa. The continent has lost more than 100,000 elephants in 20 years due to the ivory trade.