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CONGO BASIN: Cosmetic Valley finances the forest cosmetopoeia

The French perfumery and cosmetics industry, united and coordinated by Cosmetic Valley, has announced a financial endowment of more than 500,000 euros for the study of the forest cosmetopoeia of the Congo Basin. This funding, supported by Cosmetic Valley’s endowment fund, will allow the allocation of grants for the realization, on site, of internships, doctoral theses and post-doctorates in the field of cosmetopoeia.

AFRICA: Arlette Soudan-Nonault, a voice for climate justice

On the occasion of the 38th International Women’s Day, Environnementales highlights the opinion of Arlette Soudan-Nonault, in the great concert of climate action. Concerned about an Africa unfairly hit by natural disasters, the Congolese Minister for the Environment, Sustainable Development and the Congo Basin demands openness and concreteness during major international meetings on environmental protection.

AFRICA: towards the creation of a value chain for electric batteries

Cobalt is an essential mineral for the manufacture of batteries and electric vehicles. The DRC and Zambia, which together account for almost 80% of the world’s cobalt reserves, have decided to set up an African value chain for the production of batteries and electric vehicles. Part of the partnership is to tap into a market that will be worth about $46 billion by 2050. This project was the focus of a conference held on 26 February 2023 in Niamey, Niger, as a prelude to the ninth session of the African Regional Forum for Sustainable Development (ARDF-9).

One Forest Summit: forest preservation at the heart of climate issues

At COP 27 in Sharm el-Sheikh, French President Emmanuel Macron and Gabonese President Ali Bongo announced that a One Forest Summit would be held in Libreville, Gabon, on 1-2 March 2023. This summit will be an opportunity to advance and renew the Nations’ commitments to the conservation and sustainable management of forests, which are essential to addressing interrelated global challenges, foremost among them climate change and biodiversity loss.