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BÉNIN: sculpture and conservation in symphony in the Pahou classified forest

Since January 6, 2024, a plastic art exhibition has been taking place in the Pahou classified forest, located 30 minutes from Cotonou, Benin’s economic capital. The initiative, supported by the Institut français du Bénin, aims to protect nature through artistic expression.
A collective of 23 Beninese visual artists are presenting their works in the classified Pahou forest, located in the historic town of Ouidah, in southern Benin. Supported by the French Institute of Benin as part of the « Vodun-Days » festival organized from January 9 to 10, 2024, the exhibition dubbed « N. art.urel » is a project conceived and executed by Dominique Zinkpè, Beninese visual artist and promoter of the art gallery Le lieu Unik-Abomey.
« This project came about because we wanted visual artists not to be confined to conventional exhibition venues. We also draw our materials from nature. It’s a way of bringing art and nature into harmony. Each artist brings his or her own intelligence to the table, so that the exhibition as a whole makes sense, » explains Dominique Zinkpè. At the opening of the exhibition on January 6, 2024, the President of Benin, Patrice Talon, was present. The Head of State exchanged views with the artists’ collective, who introduced him to works of contemporary art representative of Benin’s history and cultural heritage.
Covering an area of 520.2 hectares and rich in 247 plant species, the Pahou classified forest will host this exhibition until Wednesday January 17, 2024.
In their quest for communion between nature and art, Dominique Zinkpè and his comrades have set themselves the next challenge, to exhibit their works far from the ground. « We hope to exhibit our work on the water in Ganvié (a lakeside town on Lake Nokoué, north of the metropolis of Cotonou), » explains Dominique Zinkpè.
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